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New Here - Djburn - 09-16-2014

Hi everyone

I am enjoying the overall look, feel and usage of Pes Pro and hopefully become a great part of the community here.

look forward to communicating with you all.

RE: New Here - Daxter - 09-16-2014


Welcome to this awesome community... I hope you will enjoy your stay here Smile

RE: New Here - materne.thomas - 09-29-2014

Hello Djbum

Welcome to this community! I am pretty new myself but I wish you a great time here! Welcome to this community aswell! If you would be looking for any extra's for PES you can check my information page!

If one day you would make a module or change yourself that you would like to share/sell please contact me so that I can update it on
The plan is to make a central place where people can check for modules/extras/ino about PES-Pro!