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site with problems - Taisson Martins - 12-21-2014

Hello good night!
I need someone who can solve a problem in the script.
* Problem:
The number of pages shown to users are very small;
Also modules Facebook, all night stands without paying the coins;
Script version 2.0.2;
Paid to those who provide this service and in doing dejar the working site;
Contact E-mial:

I look
Have a great weekend !!


RE: site with problems - supershres - 12-22-2014

First there is no 2.2 version and
Admin will help you if you send the order_id.

RE: site with problems - Taisson Martins - 12-28-2014

Someone who knows WHAT are these errors ??

Obs .: The problems started after I bought Facebook Post Likes module, bought in ''''. I tried contact, more still fails!


RE: site with problems - bombay - 04-11-2017

I really think congratulations

arrangements are being made

need to wait a little bit