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Cant Login anymore
I cant log into my mn-shop account anymore, I messaged the admin 3 times over the period of 4 days and didnt got any response at all.

I want to download my pes pro script and purchase new modules but when I try to recover my password I dont get a mail so I cant access it anymore.
I'm having the same issue. I can't log into my MNshop account I created yesterday when I bought the Social Exchange Bundle.

I really wish to download the script and get on with launching it...

Hope to get this resolved soon.
This is going on my nerves real bad...
Same here... Still nothing! :-(

I hope its just a weekend thing and hopefully the team will reply/contact us tomorrow...
Not a weekend thing, I sent several messages to the admin and he did not respond

In case you manage to reach him link him to this thread so I get my stuff resolved too
Damn! Still nothing... I'm thinking of contacting PayPal and my bank to recover the money... I don't know what else to do... Sad

However, terms and conditions has this clause:
ATTENTION: For security reasons, we have to approve each payment, so you have to wait up to 24 hours until you will can download your purchased product.

And it could be that the Admin is on holiday or ill or something... Undecided
just make a chargeback maybe he will fucking pay attention to us then
I have no Problem at all!
Are you guys able to Login again?
(09-19-2014, 02:16 PM)consulting Wrote: Hidden content for guests

no, neither Im able to reset my password with the password reset form.
I'm logging in fine at the moment.

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