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Choose Country of orgin
Hello Admin Heart

Could you please change the signup page so that the country is choosen automatic, when someone want to sign up. I can see that many people choose a different country of orgin, espacially people from india.

I do not know how to implement that script, but i know that it is possible to do so.
Kind regards by Elisabeth Kingston

-> Hidden content for guests
-> Hidden content for guests
You can use GeoIP which allows you to retrieve plenty of information of the visitor.
(03-22-2013, 08:49 PM)Hostpro Wrote: Hidden content for guests

ThankĀ“s for the link Hostpro (Y) Maybe i can manage it now Wink we will see Big Grin

But it would be good, if we had this in the PES Pro System from MN-Team Smile
Kind regards by Elisabeth Kingston

-> Hidden content for guests
-> Hidden content for guests
(03-22-2013, 09:24 PM)Kingston Wrote: Hidden content for guests

No problem. I wouldn't want that added to the default script then everybody will have the same features as everybody.

The whole point of scripts like this is you don't need to spend time making the basic script as it's already done for you so you can build your own customizations on top of it.

What's the point if there are 100s of sites with exactly the same features.

I think this feature is essential for all ,, in Pes Pro script , We allow VIP users to receive exchanges from exactly specific countries ,, So we as owners of this sites , must guarantee that all users countries is correct.

So it must be automatically snaps , not let user to choice it , because a lot of them cheats in writing data.

Also this feature shouldn't be for limited number of users , because its a basic feature of the script .

(03-22-2013, 10:00 PM)Mezo Wrote: Hidden content for guests

Was added on v1.8.7, now you can enable "Country Auto Select" on signup, from admin panel.

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