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Clones of my website
Quick message.

Have had 3 sites reported to me already by my members saying there are exact copies of my website.

2 out of 3 have already been removed by their hosting provider who violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Just a warning to anybody thinking of copying my site, think again.

@others - How you doin?
Can you share these site's links here so we can see them.
whats going on with hostpro. i have contact you because we paid for you but you were active on facebook but dont react on nothing.
I've checked his forum. There full of garbage, lots of spam posts!
yes it seems he collect money go away.. and do nothing.the plugin dont work
So, He should submit a reason here. When he log in here.....or see if he avoid this post. Keep tracking him...Smile
i am nothing against hostpro. but first i saw him here. he make so much advertise for his plugins. than he build his he make 2 plugins. plugins dont work and are buggy. no support given. he said no time. but is active on his forum customforum. on facebook page. when i ask questions he doesnt reply. than i told me where is the support?

The forum is full off spam.
we're also having big problems with people stealing pictures, content and ideas from

this is the latest example :

and there are over 10 more like this.
There funny status: 21K+ members, 1200K+ exchanges on that site but still no alexa rank?

Edit: Go to stats page and you will see 56 members.....Big Grin
Yeah it all started good then it got buggy and no support.

If any of you need those plugins fixed I fixed all the bugs and can adapt them to your needs.

Just contact pm, you can check how they work at
You will see I added 3 mores ranks(rangos), and fixed profile score cause it didn't give exact percentage.
Anyway you will see profile score(puntuación de perfil) right now is in maintainence cause I'm optimizing it to isntead of using coupons to be automátic (cause if not users can cheat with those coupons).

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