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I am using this php firewall with my website and is very effective, identifies the bots and won't let them access the website, i want to share it with you.
There is no configuration changes needed unless you really need to.

Default configs are :

Hidden content for guests

Installation :

add the php-firewall folder to your root directory, then at the very begin of the header.php between <?php ?> add the following code :
Hidden content for guests

You can disable it by modifying this line and set it to false :
Hidden content for guests

If you are going to use it, share your experience here if is effective for you.

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Quote:Hidden content for guests
This looks interesting, how exactly does it check if it's a bot or not? What are the chances of a real user being blocked without using a bot?
The chances to block a user is 0% as it uses defined names to block as array, you can add as many as you want if any of the well known bot ain't in that list.

The function looks like :
Hidden content for guests

Quote:Hidden content for guests
What exactly do those bots do that you would like to block them? I thought that this was some kind of a block for users that are botting points Big Grin
auto register in your site then spam you with clicks, makes coins, widthdraw etc....etc....etc....depends on what the "user" tells it to do. The VPN users, registering in your site as many accounts as they want, you can block those by adding the right dns of the networks to block.

There are many ways to prevent things to happen.
Quote:Hidden content for guests
(02-27-2015, 04:25 AM)treicadani Wrote: Hidden content for guests

and it works
Sorry for my English I speak only French Smile If my help to you to like me you can add +1 reputation Smile
Yea sorry, it was a BBCode for the color, but it seemd to display the code, edited the main post.

Quote:Hidden content for guests
Thanks a lot!

(02-26-2015, 11:21 PM)treicadani Wrote: Hidden content for guests
Thanks for this handy script treicadani I think i have it installed ok but not sure if my header code is right
PHP Code:
Hidden content for guests 

Thanks for your help no idea on how we test it lol
You can run a few cURL commands with empty headers to check if works or returns error. Activating get post protection, will stop some services from harvesting your website urls such as css / js.

You may see first what can it do for you and check against that configuration.
Quote:Hidden content for guests

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