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Free Updates & Support

Because we want to improve our support and updates quality, we had to reduce "lifetime" free updates and support to one year (2 years if you select Extended Support during checkout). After this time, you will have to purchase the product again, to be able to download latest version of product from our store or to receive support. We know this doesn't sound good for many of you, but you have to understand that in this way will improve our products quality and will be good for all of you.

Also, if you purchased Developer or Reseller license, when you want to renew your updates and support, is enough to purchase Standard License with no extra options.

Now, I also have some good news for you, because of those changes, we will release soon responsive template for all our products, starting with our top product Hidden content for guests.

Thank you!
New project on the market: Hidden content for guests
Then, you are going to get new updates right?
So, it is worth buying the license again.

Yes, that's right. We've done those changes to be able to improve our support and updates. Updating a script takes time and it costs money, we have our costs aswell. Anyway, PES Pro V3 will be released next days. In this new update, whole system was recoded and it comes with Bootstrap 4 Responsive design Smile

New project on the market: Hidden content for guests
Hello I think we should still be able to access the version that We have paid for as not allowing this is not fair in my opinion. as some of us have paid over $80 usd for this script and for no longer being able to download it is not fair I don't think many owners will be happy to pay $99 yet again

All scripts comes with free updates and support for one year. After one year, download script is disabled. As you know, when new version is released, the old one is replaced, we don't keep old versions on store, so as long as update is expired, download link is disabled.

We had to do those changes to be able to maintain the store, without those changes (as there are now), there was no option but to close the website and I'm sure this wasn't a better option to any of the customers. But, with these changes we're able to provide better support and better updates (as you can see on latest PES Pro update). We've done what we had to do, to maintain the store active and improve it.

New project on the market: Hidden content for guests
if we have to renew each year then why not add renew price at half price of buying the actually product price as its not a new package as this way i wont be able to buy each time its abit much 99usd each time ? just for renewal

Those are the prices because of the amount of work involved from our side to provide support and updates and because of the costs we have to cover. For now the system remains as it is.

New project on the market: Hidden content for guests
I might just go to PayPal not had mine long this was purchased due to lifetime updates no way I can afford that Every time just so I can get newer version
For renews should be half that Every time instead full script price all time
(05-13-2018, 01:29 AM)Sneaky Wrote: Hidden content for guests

Yes it's true che Yetishare it's happening like that
Sorry for my English I speak only French Smile If my help to you to like me you can add +1 reputation Smile

We can provide discount coupons to our old customers, but price won't be half, price remains as it is. Licenses are lifetime, but we know how much our work and products are worth so prices and system remain how it is now, at least for a while. Nobody isn't obligated to renew it so any further complains about these changes won't change anything. Nobody isn't obligated to use our products, nobody isn't obligated to purchase them or renew them. Complaining about our prices is means dissrepect about our work. As long as we do our best to provide better updates and better support for you, try to do your best to understand our situation. Customers who have done that, are not complaining. I won't answer to any further complains about this.

Thank you!
New project on the market: Hidden content for guests

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