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Hello there people
I am Daniel,

Originally from Romania, but i live in UK since 2002.

I know i haven't made a first impression quite resonable with the complain started in an early thread, i been with the comunity since a year now but being lazy to create a forum account.

I am a C#, C++/QT, Unity3D Gaming Developer, SEO Manager & Consultant in real life i also have some websites live around, at first i want to say that i am sorry for what happened before, now looking forward to integrate with the comunity.

I had back in January, 2014 my first Pes Pro based exchange platform at which is closed now and i started a brand new website which i will present later once will be able to offer more than a few exchange options. (not wanting people to laugh that i present the same, default looking website Tongue).

Quote:Hidden content for guests

Welcom Daniel. Enjoy your stay!
You can contact me if I can help you with anything!

Once you have started your website again I could add it to for some extra visitors.

Grtz - All about PES-Pro! Modules, Theme's, Scripts, Contacts!

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