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How are affiliates determined?
Just wondering do they have the purchase the product straight away with my affiliate link or does it set a cookie and they could buy it the next day and I would still get an affiliate?

For example:

I send my affiliate link to person A who looks at the product, leaves and then comes back the next day to purchase it.

Do I still receive an affiliate for that or do they have to purchase it straight from your link?

Cookies are saved for 1 week, so if somebody access your affiliate URL and buy any products in next 7 days, you will receive your affiliate comission (of course, if user will clear cookies, we don't have what to do about that).

(03-27-2013, 01:32 AM)Admin Wrote: Hidden content for guests

Alright, thanks for clearing that up. What would happen if a user gets multiple ref cookies, which one would it pick?

Old cookie will be replaced with new cookie, so latest affiliate will receive commission.

One question,
We will get commissions from only new customer or existing customer also allowed? I mean if anyone already brought something before but later followed my link and purchased something. Then we will gets the commissions?

When somebody access your link, will be marked as your referrer for 7 days. If in this time he purchase something, you receive the commission. If after 7 days come again from your link, extra 7 days are added. Is not based on who was registered on your link is based on who and when accessed your link.

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