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Is affiliate marketing legit?
Hello everyone,,
I've been trying to wrap my head around driving traffic to websites and ranking sites for specific keywords, basically SEO. My thought process being SEO skills would be one way to become a DN.

The most popular way to make money with SEO seems to be affiliate marketing. Just put some of these terms in YouTube and you'll find plenty of guru's. I'm on the verge of creating a site for marketing these digital products but had a thought today; why are all these guru's selling courses? From people like Alex Becker all the way down the food chain, they all have things in common like clickbait titles on YouTube, video intros where they show off exotic cars and always showing off their earnings pages as well. I started to wonder, was I the product? I mean I haven't purchased any courses but I have spent plenty of time watching these videos looking for those golden Hidden content for guests Hidden content for guests Hidden content for guests nuggets.

And why would these guys be selling courses if the affiliate marketing money was so good? So before I waste anymore time or money, does anyone on here make a living strictly off affiliate marketing? I'm talking your typical JVZoo or ClickBank products.

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