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Module surf Modified
Well as i have posted a request at

and nobody replies to it, I decided to create it myself.

I have modified the surf of PES PRO to make it open in a new tab.

1. Every secs it will check if the users have close the new tab. If yes it will re-open the pop-up.
2. If users has reached it limit, a msg will show instantly with a link to the VIP page
3. VIP members don't have limit
4. Everything is automated
5. Easy to install
6. Display Banners ads for Free users and hide for VIP
7. If user is blocking pop-up window it will keep asking users to unblock pop-up.
8. It uses the redirect.php from PES PRO.
9. When there is no more page to show, it will keep refreshing until new page come up.
10. If a user close the surf page, the new tab will close automatically.
11. Also a new redirect.php which fix Microsoft Edge problem.

Well i decided to sell it for $24

I can also do custom CSS design for PES PRO.

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