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Payment Processors.
I received a few requests of my members to add Payza and Liberty Reserve, not just for my "PES Pro" website but specially for my "Likecash" website, requests came from countries where PayPal dont accept sign ups, it is my request for the next update, thanks.
yes it would be great Smile
Hello, I can give a new design to your PES Pro or any other script Website
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Will be more payments processors in the future, but Payza have now some new rules, if we implemented payza, you will have to wait about 10 days until they will approve website and also, all pruchases will be frozen for about 10 days. We will see what we can do, because we don't like how payza works now.
yes please, add payza or moneybookers ,, paypal dosent support our countries , and we need to fined another way to get money to spend on our sites
Payza was added for PES Pro in last update (1.6.4). Also, will be added soon on LikeCash script.
Can Moneybookers be added too please as payza is not available in the UK yet.
i think moneybookers would be great , because Payza hold the money sent from IPN for 7-14 days
so its big problem
(12-08-2012, 07:55 AM)Mezo Wrote: Hidden content for guests

Moneybookers doesn't accept this kind of websites (we tried many times to get our website approved, but our account was closed because they don't accept).
ok . is there any other electronic bank , which is not holding money like Payza and can approve our sites ??

and what about this way
i fined it popular
You can use Paypal, is the best for these websites. Is very used, almost all internet users have an paypal account. For the moment, paypal and payza are more than enough.

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