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Je suis super intéressé sur votre script "PES" mais je vois sur ce site:

Why is the price different?
If I buy on the site, I have support here?

If I buy your script, how long the support (Update) ?

Thank you!

About SES I have no experience. They do not have a community. No idea how the support goes.

For PES You have support by the other members. The updates of it has been off since months. Hopefully new update will come soon.

Eitherway, If you need a bugfix or custom coding you can contact some community members that might be able to help you.

If you need a list of all modules, themes etc about PES-Pro, I made a website where I try to put on as much as possible information! Smile

If you buy your PES-Pro script I can add your site to the Example page on

Grtz - All about PES-Pro! Modules, Theme's, Scripts, Contacts!
hm where buy ? here ?

You can buy it on mn shop. For my link and information =>

Grtz - All about PES-Pro! Modules, Theme's, Scripts, Contacts!
even if we're standing by

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