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Restrict part of forum
Could the bugs section be restricted to members only?
After all we don't want users to read and then be able to exploit the exchanges.

I vote for this, as this should not be open to all visitors and they get ideas out of our discussion. Only licensed site holders should access this forum.

Admin, please consider.
A Popular Exchange Site, Hidden content for guests
AGREED .... admin please do it ....
Get Registered and enjoy

Hidden content for guests @
Hidden content for guests

Bugs section is already restricted to registered members.
How about taking it one step further, and creating a section for registered script owners? This would come in handy for all your main scripts... you'd have to tie our forum account to our store accounts some how.
Not everyone will like it!
I agree to some restrictions to licence holers like a different group for licence exchanges as there are a lot Of unlicensed exchanges hundreds of them i know it may help a bit owner must be loosing so much money to these illegal exchanges

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