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The future of PES PRO
Hi, everyone!

As I have mentioned in another thread that I am working on the new design of PES PRO. It should be ready in couple of weeks. This new design should make the pes pro much more up to date to the current technologies.

I would like to ask everyone about how you want the PES PRO evolves for the years to come. Here is my personal opinions about PES PRO and my uncertainty of the future of PES PRO for long term.

1. I consider PES PRO "black hat". As "black hat" software, social websites may not like us at all. Facebook already banned us from using their api. Do you think we should move toward "white hat"? If "white hat" is the way to go, which direction do you want PES PRO go?

2. What features are most needed for the PES PRO now?

3. I am also considering providing one to one design project for PES PRO owner. So I can give each PES PRO website very unique.

It's only backhat in the eyes of the companies, and what can they really do? Ban your API key? Our website has also been banned on Facebook but we working on using proxies that will solve the limits/blocks. I really think that you guys should focus on providing work-around for those type of things, maybe setup proxies that you can sell for monthly subscriptions? Also, you should focus on providing better validation, both when you add a page and when you click on a page.

What do you consider by "white hat"? If you mean what I think then what will be left of the script if you keep removing modules as soon as a social company requests that you remove it?

EDIT: I have seen that you like the responsive/mobile theme suggestions but whats the point if the backend doesn't work? You should really focus on huge design changes once everything else is working...
Thanks. creating a proxy service might be a good idea too. I definitely will look into it.

(01-08-2015, 12:41 AM)Galaxian Wrote: Hidden content for guests
One of the things that I really want to do for PES PRO is having Facebook module back. (Even though Facebook forbid us to do so.) Do you have any suggestions how to bring Facebook module back without the harassment from Facebook.

I personally think that Pes Pro is not going any future after few years. Many of the website bans account after user with no followers gets 1000 likes in less than 10 minutes. There so many website many website selling likes and fans for cheap. People use bots to create fake accounts and macro script to get points.
a bot detection feature would be nice...
I have something against Bot's and Macros Smile
↶ ↶ ↶ CHECK ↷ ↷ ↷
Hidden content for guests
Admin please add new feature:
-Convers to Smarty template engine
- use Areyouhuman captcha (this time, don't have any bot can solve this captcha)
- Proxstop api ( detect fake ip)
- Private Message system
- custom coupon code
- coins to gift card
- referral auction
- sent message to referral via mail or PM system
- recashback for referral
- daily task
- login ads or news
- offer wall with auto postback
- notification
Hi Jimmy,
I think that although Facebook is now very important for all soon if they continue with their policies of exclusion and will not be.

I'd suggest making these changes to the script: Huh

- Let free users only earn coins for referrals and the vip earn money for referrals and purchases.
(I need this)
- Create three levels or up to 10 levels of referrals (Free and VIP) Now we can only motivate users to remain active to level up and earn some money but with this option but we would help motivate them to promote our website...
- Login ads or news...
Hello everyone,

This my first post on the forum and I hope that it will be useful.
I am 100% sure that The FUTURE of pes is BOTH black AND whitehat (Please check the PM that I sent you for the explanation)

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT POINT: All social networks are moving towards mobile apps. FB has now more users on mobile than desktop+tablet
This means that the future of PES pro SHOULD BE on MOBILE

Many understood this HUGE AND UNTAPPED market potential and created apps with the sole purpose of exchanging/selling fans.

hundreds of social exchange apps for ios/android -> www.google.fr/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Followers+OR+likes+ios+OR+android&start=10

-The easiest way to do it is to sell a bundle that contains an ios/android app template that is "ready-for-publish" . All what we would need to do is to name it, give it an icon, give it proper privileges on our pes site and then publish on the app store.

-You can also create an API for PES PRO that allows any external app/script to connect to our website (iwatch app, console app, custom-developed ios app ... the possibilities are unlimited!)

-I HIGHLY suggest that you use flyspray.org to make bug tracking and feature suggestion/voting much easier for all of us Smile

I believe in PES and in mobile !

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