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(04-14-2015, 01:40 AM)Breaker Wrote: Hidden content for guests


[IMG]Hidden content for guests[/IMG]

1) I have created the shares button before you and i have a lot of more button and i have keep this idea from the site of AMF (but it's not important).

2) The remains are simple html and css code which all person can use on the websites.

3) If you want to remove the licenses of the modules which i have buyed with regular payments from you, you have to REFUND ME, and after i can develop by myself the same modules, because i'm a web-developer and i know php, api, js and more (infact i have developed slot modules and much more already by myself).

4) I don't have gived at you any consense for add the line on my website for add you as admin in automatic and you don't have adviced me and it's a PRIVACY violation, which is most important respect the css code!

(04-14-2015, 01:40 AM)Breaker Wrote: Hidden content for guests
1) I have solved already by myself for delete button and i have writed which i have solved a lot of bugs present in the PES Pro script...

2) I have buyed modules from you for support your work and i have writed at you this a lot of times... and i have buyed other works from other developer for support the work in general.

3) I don't have to explain nothing other at you

Have good day Wink

(04-14-2015, 07:55 PM)Breaker Wrote: Hidden content for guests
Guys this is called competition you cannot tell to each other as some other people copied you.

If you really want to do something about it improve your work to be much better than the people already copied you, and if you guys really want to blame someone that copied you do blame firefox and google since they came with this stupid idea to add in a public browser such tools to see the source of a website and to harvest all the urls to the jquery and css data + to see their content.

Else you shouldn't tell that unless you pay 400-500$ a month to a company that will claim your work and help you get rid of the competition.

@Breaker You cannot just kill someone's licence as long as he paid for it an amount of money and has the proof else he can easely sue you because he has an receipt of the purchase and you ain't selling services that can harm your website so you can have the right to cancel the licence anytime and with this said just checked your terms and conditions and i couldn't see any terms related to module licence cancellation. Just printed your website structure for future reference in case your mind will come to kill my licenses.

REMEMBER : You keep the verification in your server only for people not to resell your work! Just because you can cancel licences, doesn't mean you should.

If that is where has to come, why after i released my simple Slot Machine game, like4 just added one html5 from codecanyon?

I don't say anything because this is the competition and you all should do the same unless as i stated above you should purchase a protection for your content if you care that much.

@All others, the social networks provides their API open source but if weren't the developers to do that who would create a complete integration for a specific platform?
I tell you who.. NONE! So your asking for a product to be given free just because the host provides an open source api? How pathetic.

Stop this fight dudes coz you'll get to no-where, this will only over flood giadone's thread for nothing.

Quote:Hidden content for guests
Very positive and good response bro. You have right on all.
Thanks a lot for this response.

(04-15-2015, 12:13 AM)treicadani Wrote: Hidden content for guests
If the buyer is not able to install itself so your modules are not in line, I would not give my FTP access to a module installation, the more I find that the price is too raise rise, if I atait interested I would make the Breaker of me.

(04-09-2015, 07:54 PM)giadone Wrote: Hidden content for guests
Sorry for my English I speak only French Smile If my help to you to like me you can add +1 reputation Smile
You can trust me. I'm a serious person and i'm a director of an advertising agency and you can give me temporary access to your files. This is not a module. This is a complex modification of the script for insert this functionality.
And i have to modify your script for insert this type of modification.
I can give at you one discont of 10% valid until the 20/05/2015 if you want on my modules.
Contact me if you are interested.

(05-15-2015, 07:28 PM)sultime Wrote: Hidden content for guests

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