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Let users create jobs/tasks
Hello there,
i have a pre-sale question: is there any chance to let users publish jobs/tasks? 
Currently i see that only admin can create them.
For example i'd like that User A post a job where he give X credits to the users that complete it and provide a verification url. If User A finish his credits then his job/task is deactivated untill he buy other credits.

Is possible to achieve this? I'd be interested even in paid customizations but in that case i'd like to know how much would it cost.

No, is not possible. Such systems were tried by many developers in past, but they never last too long. First of all, most of the users who're going to pay for jobs are going to cheat. Either they will reject all the jobs, just to avoid paying the users, either they will create those jobs and never come back to website, in which case, jobs are never approved. Such systems are not something that must be created, many tried and many failed.
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