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PaidTasks - GPT System

Download script again an re-upload modified files from changelog.

New project on the market: Hidden content for guests
But i can purchased it from buy.paidtasks .net, now how can i download it again?
Now also this same error happens. I tried 10 more times but every time it shows congratulation you won 100 coins. please check the image
Some of my offerwall scripts and payza apn also not working please help me for this
#15 offerwall chargeback also credit to members account, we need to deduct that amount, that is a very big error. Some members completing offers and getting credited to their account and their referrers get commission also , but after chargeback it will not debited from referrers account then referrers get a big amount of commission to their account.
Hello guys,,
The problem is in winwheel.js file.
When variable Hidden content for guests Hidden content for guests Hidden content for guests stopAngle will be the same value like startAngle ex. 45, 90, 135, etc.
This line 54.

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