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Renaming the Term "Coins"
Hi Admin,

Please give us the option to re-phrase the "coins" term. As the updates are quite often and lot of us use the term as "Points" or something else and everytime, you release the updates then we have to re-edit the term on all pages.

So if you could give us an option in the admin panel to rename or rephrase the the term "coins", then it would be more useful to those who do not use "coins" term.

Please consider this in your future update.

Thanks in advance.
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Why this way ?

I do just copy the newest lines in lang.php into my files, before i make the update. Sins i do have many languages, is it easier than uploading the lang files and after that change them again Wink

When the Admin makes an update, he always make new lines for it. So no problem to find the new lines Wink
Kind regards by Elisabeth Kingston

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Hi, this term comes with the modules too, I have a different term and every time finding and replacing will be bit difficult for those who have other jobs. When ever new modules also gets introduced then this option makes us easy. Smile I hope you understand the importance of this and it saves lot of time during updates.
It's interesting I always do it in the script but the updates have to do it again Sad

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